A downloadable S!O! Alpha for Windows

Sugar! Overkill! is a game currently being developed by us, BlueBirb! (https://www.facebook.com/turquoisetioui/)
S!O! is a 2D action-platformer with rogue-lite elements (not quite there yet in the game, hehe).
You're fighting against huge hordes of candy-mutants in a post-apocalyptic world.
The game is all about fun and destroying things.

If you want to endorse our project, follow us on discord: https://discord.gg/Vu4K886


(you can change the keyboard type in the game)
ZQSD /WASD: Move around;
Shift : Dash
Mouse1: Main Attack
Mouse2: Secondary Attack
R: Reload
E: Use/Pickup
F: Ultimate
Esc: Menu
L: Restart game (Useful in case of weird bugs, hehe)
M (while paused): Mute Music
Y: Change Keyboard Type


A / Cross: Dash
X / Square: Reload/use
B / Circle: Jump Boost
Y / Triangle : Ultimate

R-Joy: aim/main attack
L-Joy: Move/Jump Boost
RB: Second attack LB: Jump Boost
RT: Main Attack
LT: Jump

Select: Restart game



Development log


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Made a video

Really like it so far, one thing to keep in mind even though say its best played with controller it is a pc game and most players will be using a keyboard so rethinking the keyboard controls might be a good idea. (w,a,s,d should do the same as the arrow keys)

One other thing I couldn't figure, what is the the keyboard key for ult?

But seriously, having a load of fun and the second it hits full release I'm gonna speed-run it!

The ult key is F on keyboard.
We're updating better keyboard support on the next patch!
Sorry for the wait :)

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Here's my gameplay ^^ 

oh one other thing, the game kept reverting to fullscreen every level, and it caused my capture software to record no visual :( i ended up using OBS, and every portal, i had to pause the game, and hit Y to get back out of fullscreen so i could record some footage. minor thing, just wanted to let you know :3

okay! this is pretty great :P one thing though, with jump mapped to A, you can't really jump and attack at the same time, it should be mapped to LB, and dash should be mapped to RB. other than that, freakin sweet ( pun intended )