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[Last edited: 27-09-2022]

We changed our pricing, the game was free to download until today (27-09-2022). As we worked several years on this project, we feel comfortable asking you for money as it isn't the crashy/buggy mess that it was in early development. 
We feel like a minimum price of 2.50$ is a good starting point. Of course you can pay a bit more if you feel like it, but the bare minimum is 2.50$.
Rest assured, though, it is just a temporary thing to see how things go.
Plus, we will create opportunities for people who are interested in the game to get it with free keys.

I will upload a free demo version in the following days.

SO:A 2.12

SO:A 2.1


Patch 2.07 (BETA) uploaded on 03-09-2022 Read the patch notes

Join the discord, friend.
We are always looking for friendly feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc...
Just hit us up on the discord. Everyone is welcome :)
Hotfix Patch: 1.82
Patch: 1.75 (Uploaded 6th of June 2021)
(Crit/Lives Update)
Read the Patch Notes.
Patch: 1.72 (Uploaded 24th of May 2021)
Meet your Maker update.
Read the Patch Notes.

Patch: 1.7 (uploaded 10th of May 2021).
Ascension + Survival update.
Read the Patch Notes.

///////// THE TEAM /////////
Sugar Overkill: Arena is a game made by BlueBirb Studio
Frone: Programming, Game Design, Level Design;
 Kindzaza: Audio, Visuals, Animation, Music;

///////// INTRODUCTION /////////

SUGAR OVERKILL: ARENA is a 2d platformer shooter about shooting waves of candy-mutants. 

After a cataclysm the entire Earth is covered by sugar.
Candy mutants roam the lands.
Only some humans manage to survive amidst the chaos.
Will you be able to survive the Sugar Overkill?

- In SO:A you first pick a hero (The first available is Nukegirl).
- Then the barman offers you one cocktail. They give you passive boosts.
- Pick your contract and go to the exit to start the arena.
- Once in the arena destroy the portals where enemies are spawning.
- Killing enemies and destroying portals give you candy-ups. They upgrade your weapon for one fight.
- Eating candy-ups fill your Sugar Overkill ability. Once fully charged, unleash its power.
- When you reach the score goal the target will appear. Kill the target to win.
Learn more about cocktails - Learn more about the game mechanics - Beginner Guide

7 Candy Hunters! They all have experience and big gunz. 

Nukegirl Character Page

Click here to learn more about Nukegirl!

Stomper Character Page

Click here to learn more about Stomper!

O'Nail Character Page

Click here to learn more about O'Nail

Sugar Paladin Character page

Click here to learn more about the Sugar Paladin!

Spike Character Page

Click here to learn more about Spike

Sgt. Phlasma Character page

Click here to learn more about Sgt. Phlasma

Tox Character page

Click here to learn more about Tox!

Move: QSD / ASD
Sugar overkill: MOUSE RIGHT


///////// PLANS FROM NOW ON /////////
The game is still in development. We still have plenty things in mind. Here's a list of what's coming next.

- 6 more Levels 
- Chaos
- End game level
- Progression system

///////// FOLLOW US /////////


///////// FRIENDS /////////
FR - IndieRelease: https://www.twitch.tv/indierelease/

FR - Orniprod: https://www.twitch.tv/orniprod
ENG - DeltaJayk https://www.twitch.tv/deltajayk

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StatusIn development
Release date Nov 03, 2019
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Action, Platformer
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, GameMaker, gun, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
LinksTwitter, Facebook


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