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///////// THE TEAM /////////
Sugar Overkill: Arena is a game made by BlueBirb Studio
Hugo Tigrato (AKA Frone): Programming;
Vladislav Bondar: Audio, Visuals, Animation;
Nicolas Duval: Community Manager

///////// INTRODUCTION /////////

SUGAR OVERKILL: ARENA is a 2d platformer shooter about shooting waves of candy-mutants. 

///////// THE WORLD /////////

A long time ago, a greedy company on planet earth wanted to make the perfect candy recipe. The fools thought that nuclear matter and candies could go well together.  Doing their experiments threw the world in a state of chaos. Since then, the world is not the same. It is filled with radioactive sugar that alters and mutates life forms.

///////// GAMEPLAY /////////
In SO:A you are a candy hunter. Meet up with your favorite barman and take on a contract. There are always big mutants causing trouble, that's where you come in.
Enter their lair and fight enough of their minions to bring them out. Killing enemies and destroying their portals might give you a candy-up! They are very common in the Sugar World. Upon eating one, you become more powerful in a random way (depends on the taste). There are 4 types of candy-ups: common, rare, epic and legendary. Those candies help you get strong enough to survive and beat your target.

///////// CHARACTERS /////////

There are currently seven playable characters. They all are Candy Hunters with experience and big guns. 

 --- Nukegirl --- 
She's a walking nuclear bomb. She wipes mutants with bullets and takes care of the big ones with the power of nukes.
Likes: The color green, Mojitos, when it goes "boom"
Dislikes: Marshmallax, marshmallows, marshmallands (she really should  move out)

 --- Stomper --- 
You never met someone with stronger feet.
He is the best at crushing enemies under his burning boots.
He's like a monkey with fire coming out of its head!
Likes: Taking off his boots after a good day of stomping,
Yellow, drinking alcohol near a fireplace,
Dislikes: Space.

 --- O'Nail --- 
Sadistic in nature, O'Nail is the master of swift escapes and deadly traps. He is able to use portals to defeat his enemies. Nobody asked him how... because he looks freaky.
Likes: Red, Nails, Torture, Scheming, Murder
Dislikes: Kittens.

 --- Sugar Paladin --- 
Blessed by the touch of the Seven Sugar Saints he swore by his Holypop to protect the Marshmallands from the mutants. Oh also he can fly.
Likes: Eating candies all day while being blessed, the color white, 
Dislikes: Chicken wings jokes

 --- Spike --- 
Quickest shot in the world (or what's left of it). She is all about frying mutants with an explosive accuracy. 
Likes: Gambling, Money, Poker, Jazz, anything that goes "ZAP"
Dislikes: Losing

 --- Phlasma --- 
One of the surviving soldiers of the Sugarhood of Sweet and master in bubble jumping, Sgt.Phlasma has proven her talent as a fighter many times with her squad.
Likes: Her squadmates, pink, making bubbles with soap
Dislikes: People that pop her soap bubbles.

 --- Tox --- 
Originally from a planet entirely made of gas, he crashed on earth and has been having fun ever since. This alien brought a toxin-pistol with him, watch out!
Likes: Total annihilation?
Dislikes: Total annihilation not happening?

///////// CONTROLS /////////
Q & D : MOVE
Left/Right Arrows: MOVE
Up & Down Arrow Keys / Z&S: POINT GUN
Shift/Mouse Left: SHOOT
Space: JUMP
Escape: PAUSE


///////// HOW TO PLAY/////////

We are currently looking for anyone who is up to playtest the game.
If you're interested, go here:  https://forms.gle/SLaSTjFGweaJsXko6

///////// PLANS FROM NOW ON /////////

- Last zone + last boss
- Transition animations
- Zone name animation when entering arenas
- Maybe a weaponsmith (similar to the barman)
- Further improving of performance

///////// FOLLOW US /////////
Our discord: https://discord.gg/rxm2Yv7
If you want to know what's up with our game, follow us here or:

Development log


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