Patch 1.75 (Balance/Bugfixes)

We're happy to discuss the changes brought by the smaller patch: 1.75

What changed?

- Now you start with 0 additional lives (you die, you restart the run);
- No life are granted for beating a boss anymore;
- Spikes and acid pools now apply poison for 3 seconds (was 2);
- The cocktail named "7th Sugar Saint in a Bottle" now reads as: "+1 Life whenever you kill a boss" and is now 5000$;
- All cocktails that granted Lives have been made way more expensive to match the importance of such an effect.
- The Life HUD on the top left is now only visible while in the bar or on the death screen.

What's new?
- 14 new cocktails, discover them all!

- Sugar Overkill Arena now has critical hits! The chance of hitting a crit is really low but they are several ways to increase that.
- You can increase your chance of crits with cocktails or the pinata cult.
- The Pinata Cult has changed their effects (from "+6 Favor, +1 MaxHp") to "+5 Favor, +1 Max Hp, +0.5% critical chance".
- Preachers now don't appear unless you completed one contract.


18 days ago

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